MKMMA Week 5

Well hello bloggers! I’m making a little progress on this WordPress thing…anything digital and I aren’t the best of friends, at least for now anyway. I see a nice friendship with my laptop in the near future. I’m saying that 25 times a day!! HAHHA!

Masterkey finally hit me Week 4 MKMMA

Tonight it happened.  A shift. During my rewrite of my Week 3 DMP, I cried while I was writing.  I mean, it’s not that difficult for me to show my emotions, and yet it’s been so DIFFICULT visualizing my DMP.  Anyway, I think this stuff is’s kind of exciting.

MKMMA Week 3

Well howdy friends and family!! I spent the week at the Eric Worre GO PRO Network Marketing convention!!  Tony Robbins was AMAZING!!!  All the speakers were so uplifting and inspiring!!  This whole DMP has me so CONFUSED! I see the conviction the people on stage have a recognize, I have no where near the mental organization they do!  I need the DMP more than ever!

MKMMA Week 2

It’s amazing to reflect upon the last week and see how the procrastination blueprint is so stinking strong in my coconut! Two Fridays ago, I was robbed. They broke into my home and stole my laptop and Ipad off my desk.  I’ve been listening to webinars and trying to type revised DMP’s on my cell phone and it has stunk.  So what have I done, put it all off until the last minute.  I’m so mad at the thieves that I don’t want to go buy all new items…but who is losing in this mindset…me. They are long gone and I’ve been without and suffering because I don’t want the stress of getting a new computer and Ipad set up.  This is most excusiest excuse I’ve created for myself. Me and my darned excuses..lame.  If this were my friend telling me the same story from her victim mindset, I would be disappointed in her for not going out and moving on and making her life easier!  So, looks like i’ll talk to myself like I would talk a friend…And get my bootie to the Apple store and get this chapter closed!

MKMMA Week 1 Master Key

I’m stuck. It’s a familiar stuck, and I don’t like it. Wait, I kind of do, it’s familiar. This feeling of being stuck is what I plan to eliminate during the next six months. See how I gave myself a way out? It’s not like I’m becoming unstuck as an action word now, I’ll save it for later.  Kind of like I do everything else.  There’s always later.  My procrastination skills are MASTERED. I don’t like that either, oh wait, I kind of do!